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Lupicia – Nagomi


Roasted green tea with the soothing scent of pear and caramel. Also perfect for a milk tea.

A soothing sensation emanates from this tea during tasting, like a sunset over the pagodas that can be admired in Japan. Roasted tea brings real added value to this blend and allows you to have very round sensations in the mouth. Sprinkled with rose petals and marigold to bring a light floral touch, the leaves and petals remind of the colors of the sunset. This tea can be tasted as it is or in milk tea for the greediest, at any time of the day, because roasted hôjicha teas are very low in theine.

Ingredients: Roasted green tea, rose petals, marigold, aroma
Type of tea and origin: Green tea from Japan
Can be re-infused: 1 – 2 times
Number of infusions for 50g: about 20


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