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Lupicia – Early Grey



A classic Earl Grey: A blend of teas from India and Indonesia, flavored with Bergamot. 

Balanced blend of black teas from Indonesia and India, this Earl Grey has a highly pure and fresh bergamot. Its infusion has a beautiful orange/brown aspect, its fruity nose makes remind us that bergamot is indeed a citrus. At the palate, aromatic intensity of the bergamot is supported by a homogeneous black tea with low astringency. Our Earl Grey can be tasted in different ways: with a drop of milk, sugar, prepared hot or cold. A famous classic among the most expressive.

Ingredients: Black tea, aroma
Type of tea and origin: Blend of black teas from India and Indonesia
Can be re-infused: 1 – 2 times
Number of infusions for 50g: about 20

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